Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to rent a meeting-room for 5-10 people for a short term without renting a desk?

No, unfortunately, we have no capacity to rent out the meeting-room for external clients.

Is there any deposit?

Yes, it is twice the monthly net price.

How do I get the keys?

After the deposit and payment have been transferred and received you can get your keys at Bebra Hausverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG, Havelberger Str. 4, 10559 Berlin - it is 2 min walk from Raumstation. Please contact them in advance for an appointment (

How do I enter the building?

There are 3 keys:

  1. for the front gate,
  2. the house entrance,
  3. the floor entrance.
How are the internet and printer settings made?

Every floor has a printer and its own internet-settings. In case you have any troubles you can make an appointment with our technician.

Can I have a separate post box?

Yes, your own post box will cost 20,- € / Month + VAT.

How does the process from A to Z look like?
  1. Make an appointment for the guided tour, choose the desk you like.
  2. Make an appointment for the test-day to feel the atmosphere and meet the co-workers.
  3. Send the confirmation letter with the details for the contract: name and address of the company (private entrepreneur), the date you want to start, additional services you prefer (postbox etc.).
  4. Get the contract, sign it and send the scanned copy to Raumstation team per e-mail.
  5. Get the scanned copy of the signed contract. Transfer the deposit and first-month payment and inform us about it.
  6. After receiving the confirmation letter you can pick the keys at BeBra Hausverwaltung and come to the office.
We are the team of 3-10 people, do you have an aproppriate room for us?

No, Raumstation is currently available only for single persons.

What is the desk price?
  • Normal desk: 285 € + VAT,
  • highdesk: 185 € + VAT,
  • testweek 85,- € + VAT,
  • raumstipendium 85,- +VAT
Are the phone calls allowed in the common area?

Allowed, but no sales/cold calling. There is a separate room for longer calls.

How does the parking situation look like?

There is enough parking space in the Stendaler Str.

How long is the notice period?

2 months

What is the minimum renting period?

2 months

Can I work at nights and during the weekends?

Sure! You have an unlimited access to the office 24/7 with your own keys.

Are there any special offers for the social workers and NGOs?

Yes, we offer a juri Gagarin Stipendium: you can rent a desk for 85 € per Month + VAT (up to 6 months).

What does the desk price include?

A king-size desk, a lamp, a chair (you can also bring your own chair), the keys (24/7), a printer, WLAN (incl. technical support), common Kitchen/WC, conference room in the upper floor (book via online login, 2h/month free), a shower in the basement, community events und urban gardening.

Are there any lockers available?

No, but you can bring your own small office furniture or safe. 

Are there any extras at Raumstation?

Yes, you can enjoy urban gardening, music room in the basement (must be extra rented), table tennis, kicker, old-school tetris.

Are there any lunch locations nearby?

Yes, there are lots of local and international cafes and restaurants nearby.

What kind of community events do you have?

Christmas party, barbeque parties, summer party, movie nights, various workshops, jogging and music get-togethers.

Is it possible for my boss/partner sit at my desk from time to time?

Due to insurance reasons the desk is only supposed to be occupied by one person named in the contract.

Is it possible to take a test day?

Yes, we highly recommend you to take a test day for free, also there is an option of a test week for 85 € + VAT.